"Dining Royally"

Save the date:  March 23rd

Event Chairs:  Lady Susan and Erick Reickert

 The deadline to buy your tickets via Paypal is 3-18-18

The deadline has passed for submitting checks

Cost:     $150 Friend level      $200 Patron level (name printed on donor list)

$1,500 Benefactor level (name printed on donor list and includes 2 tickets)

Speaker:  Chef McGrady, former chef to HRM Queen Elizabeth II and Diana, Princess of Wales

Event details:  dinner will be favorites Chef McGrady created for the Royal Family,

Chef McGrady will actually be overseeing the preparation of the three course dinner, sharing his anecdotes with a slide show from his 15+ years of working in the Palace, and his book signing!

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year 10!

Joy Shearer

Public Relations

Dr. Voncile Smith


​​2017-2018 Social Calendar

Dinner meetings & high tea are held at The Chesterfield Hotel in Palm Beach in the pavilion.  Other event locations listed below.   More information can be found on the "Events" page.             

Friday, 10/27, 6 pm, cocktail party, Chesterfield Library

Thursday, 11/16, 6:45 cash bar, 7 pm dinner meeting, 

​       speaker:  Rene Silvin "British Dominance of North 

       Atlantic Passenger Travel"

Saturday, 12/2, 10 am, soccer social, Blue Anchor Pub,                   Delray

Thursday, 1/18, 6:45 cash bar, 7 pm dinner meeting,

​       speaker:  Lee Pollock "At Churchill's Table"

Sunday, 2/18, 4 pm, high tea, speaker:  Rex Hearn 

​       "Remembrances of Alistair Cooke and Others"

March, 3/23, evening dinner and presentation, speaker:               Chef  McGrady (former chef to the Queen, Princess                   Diana, and Princes William & Harry) will share a slide              show & anecdotes from his 15+ years in the Palace while          we are "Dining Royally".  His newest book will be                      available for sale, and he will be doing book signing.

Benefactor Level Chef McGrady dinner

   A copy of the official registration and financial information for our Society, number CH23362, may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling Toll-Free (800-435-7352) within the State.  Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the State. 

   On September 10, 2009, the Internal Revenue Service approved our 501 (c)(3) application as a public charity.  Proof of charitable status is available upon request.  All contributions to the St. George's Society of Palm Beach are tax deductible in accordance with section 170 of the Code.

​Please include the names of all ticket holders on your Paypal order form or email them (Contact Us page).  Thank you. 

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  Executive Board

Maureen McGowan-Singer


Susan E. Oyer



Our Mission

The St. George's Society of Palm Beach is a non-profit, charitable, and social organization.  The Society seeks to promote fellowship among its members as well as providing support for educational, social, and cultural efforts in England through activities and fundraising in Palm Beach County.  We support both local and English charities that promote positive exchanges between Palm Beach County and England.

Lady Susan & Erick Reickert

Vice President--Susan

Event Co-Chairs--

Susan & Erick 

Peter Inch

Support Staff


Marian Morgan

Assistant Treasurer



*To promote social, cultural, and educational interactions for members to enhance their experience within the society. 

*To foster a love of the history of England, the English language, and the English culture, traditions, and heritage that have influenced the unity between the United States and England.

*To promote educational, cultural, and business exchanges between the Palm Beaches and England.

Patron Level Chef McGrady dinner

The St. George's Society of Palm Beach was founded on July 7, 2007.  Founding members are:  Susan E. Oyer, P. Robert and Gloria Bale, Marian Morgan, Harvey E. Oyer, Jr., Deborah Hale, Cheryl May, Christian Macoviak, Joseph Macoviak, William Macoviak, Kyle May, Daniel and Nancy Shepherd.